Remember What Got You Here

The past few weeks I have had the opportunity to make choices, a difficult blessing that seemingly occurs as you are building a business that is apparently doing well.  As my business grows it has been interesting how things and people are changing.

When I started out in a 20 x 20 white shed on a driving range that I converted into a fitness/therapy center nobody came knocking on my door.  Not for help, not to help me and not really for my services either unless I was out pounding pavement and knocking down doors until people listened to me and what I had to say.

Late last year I opened my brand new 6000 square foot facility that is (I am biased of course) the finest golf performance facility on the East Coast.  As word of this has circulated around, it is amazing how many people now all the sudden want to help me out and have all these great ideas to improve what I am doing and want to help.  Of course, 95% of these people that show up have some ulterior motive and really don’t care if I put food on the table for my family or not.  They see what I am doing and think of myself and my business as an opportunity.

Marketing people are the best…”I know you grew into this facility from nothing but you are doing it all wrong; put an ad in our magazine, radio station etc and watch your revenues grow!”  ya….OK buddy

As you grow your business beware of these people.  I am finding that the most difficult decisions I am having to make these days are not the opportunities to take, but which ones to turn down.  This wasn’t a problem when I started.  I created every opportunity that came about and worked my butt off for them.

Now I have at least one person knocking on my door or sending me an email about the latest opportunity to blow my business up into the big time.  Consider this…if they really knew how to do that, why are the offering to help you and not “blowing it up big time” for themselves?

My advice is to stay true to what has gotten you and your business to where you are.  Stay true to doing business with those who share your “why” and with those who are truly invested in what you believe in…not making a buck.

You are what has gotten your business to where it is.  You are the one who has done all the dirty, gritty hard work to get it here.  Don’t let someone walk in and tell you that you need them.  You make that decision.

Evaluate every opportunity and person that presents itself through the lens that stays true to your “why” and unique service proposition.  If it/they are truly a great fit, go for it.  You can’t be afraid to pivot or take advice when it is needed and legitimate.  But, if they are like most opportunities/people that will present themselves, make them prove they know what they are talking about and worth your time.  Do not give them anything until you are sure they aren’t just looking out for themselves using you as their latest jump off.

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