Power of Routine

The past few weeks have been a bit overwhelming in my life.  I sold my house, haven’t found a new one to buy yet, have been asked to speak at the World Golf Fitness Summit, the NCPTA Fall Conference and am pursuing the next big phase in my business.  On top of this I am trying to be the best father and husband possible as well as continually improve our programs and systems at Par4Success…oh and it’s test week here (aka the busiest week of the year).

Needless to say striking a balance between everything is very difficult; I am not even sure it is really possible to have a true balance but Lord knows I am trying!

As I have done since I started my professional career, whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or like I am falling behind and not going to be able to do it all, I look to those who are doing it all.  I read, I listen to podcasts and I reach out to those who have done it before me such as my father.  The one thing that I continue to see in what successful people do is that they have routines.  No matter what, they have a routine that they stick to because without it, they are toast.

June happens to be the time of year when I review my 12 month goals, life goals and overall reassess how I am doing in my life across many areas including family, spiritual, business, financial etc.  (This is will likely be another post shortly FYI)

So, being as I was feeling overwhelmed, hearing so much about the power or routine and it being time for me to update my goals I decided it was time to take the plunge and do what the big boys do…create a routine and stick to it.

I am only 1 week in but holy crap what a difference it has made already.  I am up at the same time each day and journal for 5 minutes on my gratitudes for the day followed by my day’s power statement and 1 simple goal for the day…today it is to play with my daughter.  Sounds corny, I know, but it really does work! (got this idea from a great podcast I found call the Good Dad Project…check it out)

After that I dive into 45-60 minutes of personal development which for me this week has been reading books on business management and business philosophies.  From here it is time to get ready for work and handle any kids that are waking up until I leave so my wife can sleep as long as possible.

When I get into work we have gotten so busy that I have had to block of 3-4 hours per day in order to work towards the different goal areas I have.  Outside of this time, the other 7-10 hours of my day are dedicated to doing what the rest of the world does…revenue producing.  I see clients and only do what makes the business money.

Then it is home to see the family and attempt to shut off my brain and enjoy being present with my kids and wife.  Honestly, this is not easy.  For any of you in a similar position to me, you know what I am talking about.  You just spent 10-13 hours of your day working on your business and how you are going to support your family and now you have to shut all of that off and actually enjoy them.  Sounds silly that you would actually have to work at this but it is something you need to practice.  If you don’t, then you are wasting those 13 hours in my opinion.

Kids to bed by 8 (unless my son stalls as he is getting very good at doing) and then quality time with my wife before bedtime…yes I am 30 years old and have a bed time.  This is another trait that I have noticed among many successful people.  They sleep.  They are up early and go to sleep early.  There is a lot of research out there about the power and importance of sleep.  You just saw my day above…it starts around 445-5am and is non-stop until the kids are in bed around 8-830.  There is no way I could be productive throughout the day if I was not well rested.

A final parting thought for today…I have realized that if I am able to block my day into time periods and pay attention to the minutes, not the hours, that I am way more productive.  I don’t need an hour to write this blog post or research how to get more people here to read this.  30 minutes is plenty.  So that’s all I block out and allow myself.  Once that 30 minute bell goes off, on to the next task for another goal.

Every minute of a successful person’s life is geared at pushing closer to their goals.  There is no idle time or down time.  How productive are your minutes?  Are they purposeful or are you flying by the seat of your pants?

Please take it from me, this routine thing really is powerful.  I have never been more productive or happy all around as I have been since I started this.  I wish for you that you can have the discipline to sit down and force yourself to do this.  It will be the best career and life decision you have made.



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