Live Your Dream Today

As I drove up to Connecticut today my phone was about to die with still about 5 hours left to go so I had plenty of time to think about the decisions at hand and also think about how I am wanting to live my life.  How I am defining success and how will I know when I am living my dream.  I came to a realization during those 5 hours that I am very excited about.

I am living my dream of doing things my way and delivering the best possible service to our clients in fitness and health care.  I didn’t like the way the insurance model treated people like numbers and tied my hands in terms of what I could do for them so I went out and did it my own way.  

I am married to the woman of my dreams and have two of the most amazing children in the world (clearly a bit biased, but hey, this is my dream right?).  I am financially consistent and about to move into the home my family will remember as the place they grew up.  Why couldn’t I see this for the past year?  

I had gotten to a point where once I opened our new facility I felt almost lost, like I didn’t know what to do next.  Looking back on that, it was because I had realized my dream of owning my own place and doing things the way I wanted but didn’t know it.  I guess I was expecting some sort of big fireworks celebration or something.  

Guess what, it doesn’t come guys.  There’s no parade or song and dance.  For most of us it is an internal celebration that I suspect many of us fail to show up to.  I had missed mine.  

I made a mistake. I hadn’t defined what my dream was clear enough.  If we make our dream focused on having more cars or money or that next promotion we will never reach it because there is always more.  There is always another thing to get.  We have to open our eyes to see that our dreams that will make us truly happy are those that when we achieve them, we earn the privilege of living in them and making them better every day.

I am sort of pissed at myself that I am just now realizing this.  I have been living my dream for the past 9 months without realizing it and without being able to enjoy being in it and improving it.  How awesome is that when you think about it like that?  I created the environment that I wanted to be in to fulfill my why and now I get to go live in that every day.  My only goal on a daily basis has become to make my dream even better.  

I literally am living my dream.  I really hope this surgery goes well so I can go back and actually enjoy that.  

When I realized that I had made my dream come true at 29 (pays to have simple dreams I guess!), I of course thought to myself, “now what?”  Do I need a new why?  Do I need a new dream?

The answer I found was pretty cool.  I don’t need a new why, my why just gets to go on steroids.  Until this point I have worked to create an environment where I could help people how they deserved to be helped.  An environment where professionals could come to work and be fulfilled.  Now that I have created that environment I can shift my attention to my “Roid-Why”; inspiring and helping other people create their unique environments to help people how they deserved to be helped.  Inspire other people to create environments where professionals can go to be fulfilled in their work.  How amazing is that?  

I feel as if I have found my Holy Grail.  I am invigorated and excited for life in a way beyond when I was chasing my dream that I achieved and am blessed to live.  My only regret is that I was blind to the fact that I was living it the past 9 months.  I guess I now realize why the greatest leaders and people in the world who truly inspire others go through crucibles.  Without them, they too would likely have been blind.  

Just to be clear, by no means am I drawing any comparisons of of myself to the greatest leaders in the world.  Believe me, I would be happy with just the affidavit “not too bad of a boss.”  I am, however, identifying how important going through difficult times in our lives are in order for us to realize who we really are and what is really important to us.

My personal crucible of going through open heart surgery in 5 days has sucked at times, really sucked, but I would multiply those tough times a thousand times over if I had to in order to feel how excited and empowered as I do now.

What is your dream?  Define it without and then be on the lookout for when you realize it.  You will live your dream sooner than you think!

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