I’m back…and I know Why!

As you can see it has been almost 6 months since I posted.  It has also been 6 months since I had open heart surgery.   It has been tough but I am here, stronger than I was before.  I revamped the website and all the about me because I am different.

Different than I was before.  Both physically (actually have 8 inches of artificial material where that part of my aorta used to be!) and emotionally, spiritually and in so many other arenas.

I now know my core values and have developed an amazing being statement based on them (thanks to a mastermind I joined through the Good Dad Project Podcast…check that out everyone).  I’ll share them here in case you don’t check out the about me, but please do!

Being Statement: Everything I do is with integrity.  I am determined to accomplish things few believe possible while also maintaining balance in my life.  I am passionate about my personal growth (hence why I am writing this duh!…super uncomfortable..) living every minute as an opportunity to grow and learn.

I have also figured out my “why statement” (not sure if that is a thing?  If it isn’t, let it be known I typed it first!).  I believe that everyone has a right to be better.  I believe in working to achieve better. I believe in challenging the status quo if that status quo is blocking better.  I live to become better.

Can you guess where the new url came from?

To sum up the last 7 months of my life and what I have figured out…kind of anticlimactic as it is only 5 words, but they are a huge 5 for me.

Better is why I live.

Nothing has been easy about this last 6 months, but it has been some of the most amazing time in my life as I look back.  Definitely would not say that as I was actually going through it for sure, but looking back…ya it has been well worth the lows…at one point had hallucinations or something one night where I was being shot and dying.  Try getting through that with a cracked sternum and not supposed to be using your arms and can’t really move your neck…not avoiding to many bullets in that condition!

I have to be honest and say that I haven’t kept up with the writing every day as I did leading up to the surgery (the book is coming though don’t you worry) but I have sporadically jotted notes and feelings which has helped.

In my business things have been going well but there are some tough decisions that I am needing to make that are taking a lot of my energy away from my development of myself.  I made the decision this weekend that that ends today.  I am taking the  bull by the horns and going to take my  life back and do what makes me happy…better myself everyday and drop anything that is impeding that.

That is the most recent lesson I have really taken note of is being able to say NO.  Not necessarily literally.  What I mean is being able to say no to things in your life at home or at work that are blocking you from being who you want to be.  Being able to say enough is enough and it is time that we remove this from our life so that we can achieve better and achieve what makes us happy.

This is hard.  This is scary.  This is necessary.

As I am back and going to be much more consistent with my thoughts and insights into myself I would love to hear from you out there who are reading this and perhaps having similar experiences.  Let’s do this together, because it ain’t easy!  Shoot me your contact info below if you want to connect and share, would love to hear your story…

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