Since undergoing open-heart surgery at the age of 30, (having 8 inches of the largest artery in the body replaced for a life-threatening aneurysm) Chris has undergone a deep dive into his own self-awareness, purpose and understanding of why he gets out of bed every morning.  During the course of this tumultuous but rewarding part of his life, Chris was able to turn the situation on its head and launched the largest golf specific fitness and physical therapy center in the United States.

Chris has come out of this part of his life with a deep sense of purpose and believes that everyone has the right to be better if they are willing to work to achieve it.  He believes in challenging the status quo when it stands in the way of better and he lives to be better everyday.

Chris is excited to share his experiences about how he has turned challenges into opportunities with all like-minded people who are looking to develop themselves, their business and/or those around them.

Chris is already an internationally known speaker in the world of Golf Fitness and Performance and is excited as he embarks on this new chapter of his life to inspire others to do better no matter what the challenge.

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